These Women Abandoned Their Jobs And Became Tech Entrepreneurs
These Women Abandoned Their Jobs And Became Tech Entrepreneurs
This blog was contributed by Reanne Brian.

Entrepreneurship used to be something that was reserved for a few elites with the capital to pull it off. Now it’s something we can all enjoy, thanks to new innovations in technology and the marketplace.

Technology has reduced the costs of communication across the board. We now have tablets, cloud-connected devices and shared apps. This has allowed people to collaborate with each other without having to travel to a centralized office. This, in turn, has led to some other changes in the market. Women no longer have to rent out an office space to run their businesses. Instead, many are now getting a Your Company Formations registered office address and working from home.

Women’s opportunities in entrepreneurship have expanded dramatically since the 1970s. Here are some amazing women and the technologies they have created to make your life better.


Gillian Morris is the woman behind the app, Hitlist –  a tool that allows you to build a wishlist of all the places in the world that you’d like to visit. The app then syncs with ticket websites and informs you the moment that the price of tickets drops. Hitlist is a lot like Kayak or HotelTonight. But Hitlist also goes a little beyond these standard offerings. The app comes with a social feature via Facebook that allows users to see where their friends would like to go too. Fancy a trip, anyone?


We all know that tech companies love to miss out vowels from the names of their businesses. And the same, evidently, holds true for Fittr. Fittr is the brainchild of Kiki Schirr, the CMO and founder. Fitts is an app designed to be a companion to people for both people who love exercise and those who’d rather stay on the couch. All you need to do is tell the app what sort of shape you’re in and what equipment you have. It’ll then tell you what to do. The app is currently retailing on the app store and comes with a 5-day free trial.


Mathilde Collin is the CEO of a startup called Front. The idea behind Front is to make it easier for team members to collaborate on emails. Email collaboration right now is complicated and confusing, given the number of back and forth responses. Collin wants to streamline all of this, making email collaboration as seamless as a voice conversation. The company has already attracted an impressive amount of venture capital. VentureBeat recently reported she had raised more than £2 million from Silicon Valley Investors. This could be one to watch.


Danielle Morrill is one of Mattermark’s co-founders, a company that connects VCs with promising startups. The idea is to provide investors with the data they need to keep track of interesting startups. It’s essentially an information exchange that links into social networks like AngelList to keep an eye on new businesses.

VCs themselves seem to think that Morrill and her crew are onto something here. The company is currently sitting on more than £8 million in funding.

This is the era of the female entrepreneur in the global marketplace. Consider how you might make your entrepreneurial idea a reality in the near future.